Halloween Bonus Episode

Halloween Bonus Episode

As a short holiday bonus, we’re offering this special episode examining some obscure aspects of Halloween as manifested in our lives today. Forgotten traditions associated with the holiday arise in surprising forms many of us may not initially recognize. Simple occurrences perceived as nothing more than an everyday nuisance come into focus during our holidays – if we are attentive – as something making sense only in the light of old folkways, superstitions, and beliefs. Many of us have had these experiences without considering such context and associated old calendrical celebrations. Halloween, in particular, has drifted far from its original cultural significance, but in recognizing patterns of repetition within history, we may recognize a surprising confluence with the old holidays known to our ancestors and thereby allow ourselves to experience the same, albeit in a modern idiom. Extreme care, however, must be exercised, in such pursuits, which can bring with them bitter lessons in the fragility of our existence.

2 Replies to “Halloween Bonus Episode”

  1. I’ve recently been taking walks around town before daybreak for some exercise, and I’ve been working through a long backlog of podcasts. This episode came on with me expecting the usual fare, and it scared the hell out of me. Bravo.

    1. Thank you! I consider providing actual scares part of one’s Halloween duties! It was hard to tell what reception this one received, so thanks for your feedback.

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