More Bone and Sickle Shirts Coming

More Bone and Sickle Shirts Coming

As I announced in our Bees episode, we’ll be printing a second batch of Bone and Sickle shirts at the end of April.

Because there was a high demand last time, and because we need to generate a bit more support for the show, shirts orders will only be available to our Patreon subscribers, though I should remind you that pledges begin at only $1/month and can be cancelled any time after your shirt order goes out (though we’d prefer you didn’t cancel right away naturally). Come for the shirt, stay for the bonus episodes, blog curiosities, soundscape & script downloads, etc — there are LOTS of reward options, and we just want to encourage listeners to come in an look around a while.

The shirt featuring our old “mascot,” that is, an image of the relics 14th-century Austrian, St. Notburga.  All shirts are on black, naturally.

The shirt’s graphic by Lauren Fairchild Art and Al Ridenour depicts the relics of Notburga as displayed in the chapel of St. Rupert, Eben, Austria.  She holds a sickle and sheaf of wheat to remind the faithful of her most famous legend:

Notburga was servant to an impious master, who  evening demanded she work late in the fields despite her request to be released to go to vespers. Throwing her sickle into the air she declared: “Let my sickle be judge between me and you.” The sickle remained floating in the air.

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