Bone and Sickle Video Trailer

Please enjoy this video trailer, a smattering of podcast snippets from upcoming episodes of Bone & Sickle podcast accompanied by original imagery of an appropriately moody and evocative nature.

Episodes are generally 30 minutes long and released every 2 weeks on Mondays.

April 30 Special Walpurgis “Binge Release”:

In honor of the the occasion, we premiere with “Binge Release” of 3 regular 30-minute episodes.
Episode 1, WALPURGISNACHT, Part 1
Episode 2, WALPURGISNACHT, Part 2

Upcoming Episodes

June 11:
Episode 4, LOST HEADS

June 25
Episode 5, TBA.

More episodes will follow throughout the Summer and Fall on alternate Mondays. Stay tuned for schedule details.